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Once we have finished printing and binding magazine titles...we can move them in any method or means necessary. Magazine Publisher can set up proper distribution for each magazine we print. No outside mailing house is needed! Whether you are a monthly magazine that we mail to subscribers and ship to newsstand distributors or simply truck all the copies to your offices, Magazine Publisher can handle any U.S. and foreign distribution requirements of your magazine - directly from our finishing facilities.

Labeled & Mailed
Magazine Publisher can direct mail your magazine "Bulk" to your subscribers, or any other database you provide. No moving magazines to an additional mailing house as labeling and mailing can be done directly from our printing plant! Labeling can be done in-line directly at the end of the printing process. Our mailing department can work with many database mailing software and have finishing options from labeling, bagging, merge mail, inserts or other special features as needed for any magazine or catalog mailing program. Our bulk permit is used to streamline properly prepared magazine mailings into the postal system at the lowest possible mailing prices. In-house mailing options include: Cheshire Labeling, Ink Jet labeling, Label List Preparation (Postal presorts and CASS certification), Polybagging, Polybag Printing and more.

We also offer International Magazine Delivery to individual addresses worldwide. Whether you send international magazines on a regular basis in large quantities or just have the need to mail a few International addresses, Magazine Publisher can provide you with the best possible combination of delivery time, service quality, and price. Magazine Publisher offers our customers the widest possible range of delivery.

Magazine Publisher can tailor any magazine mail solution to specifically meet your requirements. Our flexibility ensures that we provide you the best possible service at the right price.

For more information about Mailing see our Magazine Mailing Manual.

Boxed & Shipped
Securely packaged in boxes, pallet shipped and wrapped we can transport any quantity of magazine to your location...or any location you desire. Truck times will vary based on final zip code destinations and from which printing plant they were pressed in. Our logistics professionals coordinate the best transportation methods for faster delivery and lower costs.

Magazine Publisher also understands and works with the Newsstand distributor warehouses and distribution requirements. We ship direct as required to any magazine newsstand distributors warehouses or other regional or local drop points you require. We can drop any quantity of magazines desired to any number of multiple locations.

Magazine Publisher offers international shipments to almost anywhere in the world. (Some limitations may occur due to current World situations and embargos). If your international distribution requirements are more complex, Magazine Publisher will work with you to analyze your objectives and recommend solutions to meet your needs.

For more information visit our ABC's of Shipping page.

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