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Göthert/Goethert & Tod Family Genealogy Research Göthert/Goethert & Tod Familie Ahnenforschung Forschung


Göthert Family Tree pdf file

Tod/Schäfer Family Tree pdf file
(note: many dates not shown in these files are in the Goethert tree files)

Mutti & Vati's wedding photo jpg file
dated: 3 March, 1935

Wolf Goethert's Birth Certificate jpg file
Another page from the "birth book"

Hertha Goethert's obituary pdf file

The Effects of the War:

Map of Germany in 1945 showing Diemarden in relation to the controlled areas: jpg file

Map of Diemarden today (Google maps): link

Map of Berlin in 1945 showing the controlled areas: jpg file

Note: these maps use the color scheme:
yellow: Russian control
red: French control
green: British control
blue: US control

Map of Germany in 1947 showing the controlled areas: outside link (wapedia.mobi)

Note: these maps use the color scheme:
red: Russian control
blue: French control
green: British control
orange: US control
yellow: Polish

"Coming to America":

Zebulon B. Vance "Liberty Ship" Manifest - Feb. 8, 1947 jpg file

Wood City Area C, Wright Patterson Field - 1947
Residence list
Area C Map (pdf file)
Aerial photo (originally found on this site)

Vati with Paperclip Scientists (.mov): a portion of the Discovery TV program Nazi UFO Conspiracy

Why we are in the US (outside links):
Operation Paperclip Wikipedia listing


Family homepages:

Bernhard H. Goethert a short bio about Vati
Hertha Goethert a short bio about Mutti and family (with good photos)
Manfred Göthert bio
Wolfhart "Wolf" Goethert bio
Reinhard Goethert bio


  • Variations on the name. Possible ancestors? Along with Goethert & Göthert I have seen Goethard, Goethardt, Goethart
  • Vati's tree mentions a city Weisrode. Cannot find it but early-mid 1800's map has Walsrode just north of Hanover.
    View a map as gif file b/w and cropped for clarity.
    Same map in color and full size: http://feefhs.org/maps/gerw/gw-hanov.html
  • At that time (maybe now also) there is a region of Hanover and a city of Hanover. Records I have found do not specify region or city so one has to guess. See 1803 map.
  • To confuse things more, there are two spellings: Hanover & Hannover

Great Possibilities:

  • Johann August "Götehrt": listed on this site, has to be a family member. Vati's Uncle? If so, Johann would be one of the names of his Grandfather. August is a very common name in the family.
  • Hermann Goethert: birth: about 1867 in Walsrode
    Because Vati's father was born 1854 and married a girl from Walsrode (Weisrode? see below), this person could be a relation. Possibly Vati's uncle? Where did Wimp's middle name (Hermann) come from?
  • Ewald Rudolf Göthert: is listed as a child of Gustav & Louisa (Rummel). Born Jan. 5. 1884, almost exactly 12 months after Robert and 12 months before Reinhold. Who is this?

Other Possibilities: (need to be checked out)

Interesting finds:

  • According to the 1880 Wisconson census: John & Mary Goethert (along with children John, Anna and Mary). John was born in Prussia with Prussian parents
  • When searching US Social Security death records a John Goethert was found: Birth: 30 Oct. 1898 State Where Number was Issued: Illinois, Death: Feb. 1971 in Illinois
  • Also an Irene Goethert: Birth: 11 Jun 1905 State Where Number was Issued: New York, Death: 8 Feb 1998 in Florida

Who are these German Goetherts?: (found in Google.com)

Andrea Goethert (fitness coach?)
Antje Steinbrich (Göthert)
Christian Göthert (child)
Dieter Göthert (hairdresser?)
Friedrich William Goethert (1907-1978) (Archäologischen Instituts der Universität zu Köln, Das Institut für Klassische Archäologie)
H. Göthert (environmental?)
Jürgen Göthert (soccer player)
Karin Goethert (National Office for Archaeology: Saxonia-Anhalt)
Dr. Klaus-Peter Goethert
Raik Göthert (IT)
Sabine Sara Goethert (Stuttgart, International law)
Uwe Göthert (business / marketing)

Blumenhaus Göthert (flowershop in Chemnitz) (Untere Aktienstr. 10, Chemnitz)
Reisebüro Göthert (travel Agency)

Who are these American Goetherts?: (found in Ancestry.com)

H. Goethert, 1366 E 2700 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84106, 801-486-7628
Juerger Goethert, 27811 Ruehle St, Saint Clair Shores, MI 48081, 586-779-9801
Juerger Goethert, 30021 Gruenburg Dr, Warren, MI 48092, 586-558-8113
Keith Goethert (software engineer? California?)


Ancestry.com the huge site built by the Mormons, some information requires payment
Germany GenWeb Project
a division of Rootsweb.com
German Genealogy Internet portal
Internet Sources of German Genealogy
Cindi's List
(German section) HUGE Site!
German Roots another links page

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Lauban (now named Luban in Poland) City Site
a site showing photos and other city information

Secret History of the Early Soviet Rockets, The German Role Competing Russian and German rocket designs conceived in the Soviet Union from 1946 to 1953.

Liberty Ships (specifically "Zebulon B. Vance" in 1947, later converted to hospitial ship and renamed "John J. Meany" then renamed Zebulon Vance):

World War II Troop Ship Crossings
Liberty Ship.com another Liberty Ship page

Other intersting links found during search:

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Microsoft German Spellchecker for Word 6.0 or MS-Office 97
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If there are any updates, revisions, additions please so I can update.


Göthert Familie: pdf file

Tod Familie: pdf file

Die Geburtsurkunde des Wolf Göthert: jpg file
A page from the "birth book"

Der Nachruf von Hertha Göthert: pdf file

more to come soon...

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