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InDesign PDF Instructions

To create PDF files for magazine printing there are three steps required: document building, creating a settings file, and distilling the individual pages.


You will need Adobe InDesign CS2.


1. Open your layout. Do all your checks (correct page size, correct photo resolution, proper bleeds, etc.).

2. Double check that all your colors.
Make sure the color type is Process not Spot and mode is CMYK not RGB. Pull down Windows to Show Colors... then double click the color.

3. Run the Preflight feature.
Pull down File to Preflight. Make sure there are no problems with Fonts and Links & Images.

4. Set your PDF Settings:
In this step you will be building a Print Settings Style.

1. Pull File to Adobe PDF Presets then Define...

2. Click New and name your preset "magazine"
set Standard to "None"
Set Compatibility to Acrobat 4 (PDF 1.3)

Then uncheck all boxes on the page

3. Click the Compression selection.
Set all Resolution to "Do not Downsample"
Set all Compression to "None"
check "Compress Text and Line Art
check "Crop Image Data to Frames"

4. Click the Marks and Bleeds selection
under Marks:
check "Crop Marks"
check "Registraion Marks"
check "Page Information"
set Type to "Default"
set Weight to ".25pt"
set Offset to "0.1667

under Bleed and Slug:
uncheck "Use Document Bleed Settings"
set all bleed amounts to 0.125 in"
uncheck "Include Slug Area"

5. Click the Output selection
under Color:
set Color conversion to "No Color Conversion"
set Profile Inclusion Policy to "Don't Include Profiles"

6. Click the Advanced selection.
under Fonts:
set "Subset Fonts" to 100%
under OPI:
uncheck all choices
under Transparency Flattener
set Preset to "High Resolution"
uncheck "Ignore Spread Overrides"

Then click OK to save your preset.

Then click the Done button.

5. PDFing Your Pages

1. Launch InDesign®

2. Open your Document

3. Pull down File to Export...

4. Type the page you are pdfing and the name (example for page 8: 0008_YourMagOct10.pdf).

5. Pull down to your prebuilt Style named "magazine"

6. Click the Export button

This will create a single page pdf file of the page you entered in step 4 above. Repeat steps 3-5 until all your pages are saved.