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PDF Creation Instructions

These instructions are for both Mac and Windows platforms. The illustrations may be for the other platform but should be similar.

It is essential that your document has been fully checked according the settings before creating PDFs. Click here for those settings.

We also need files saved as indiviual pages with special names:

1. page number proceeded by 3 zeros for numbers less than 10 and 2 zeros 10 and above.
2. magazine name's two letter abbreviation
3. month and year
4. and.pdf at the end

examples using "Your Magazine" as the title:
page one (front cover): 0001_YMOct10.pdf
page nine: 0009_YMOct10.pdf
page fifteen: 0015_YMOct10.pdf
page thirty eight: 0038_YMOct10.pdf

If you have a 32 page magazine, we need 32 pdf's.

If your magazine is a Plus Cover, then include an indicator in the name such as "c". Page one will be the first inside page.

Keep in mind the set up for a Plus Cover is set up as printer spreads with a spine. Please email with your final page count for the specific spine width.

Software-specific Settings:

InDesign Settings

Quark Xpress Settings

Pagemaker Settings

Generic PDF settings