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Quark 7.x PDF Instructions

Before making pdfs be sure all your photo files are at the proper resolution and are CMYK. See link.

To create PDF files for magazine printing there are three steps required: document building, creating a settings file, and distilling the individual pages.


You will need Quark Xpress 7.


1. Go to the Edit Menu and select Output styles.

2. Select New then PDF.

PDF Style: (name it) "magazine"

3. Click the Pages selection.
check "Export pages as seperate PDFs"
uncheck "include blank pages"
check "Embed Thumbnail" and choose "color thumbnail"

4. Click the Meta Data selection.
clear all fields

5. Click the Hyperlinks selection.
uncheck "include Hyperlinks"

6. Click the Compression selection.
Set all Compression to "None"
Set all Resolution to "Keep Resolution"
check "Compress Text and Line Art
uncheck "ASCII format"

7. Click the Color selection.
set Mode to "Composite"
set Setup to "As Is"

8. Click the Fonts selection.
check "Download all Fonts"

9. Click the Marks selection.
set Mode to "centered"
set Width to ".003"
set Lenth to ".25"
set Offset to "0.167"

10. Click the Bleed selection.
set Bleed Type to "symmetric"
set Amount to 0.125"
check "Clip at Bleed Edge"

11. Click the Transparency selection.
set Transparency Flatting Resolution to "2540dpi"
uncheck "Ignore Transparency Flattening"

12. Click the OPI selection.
uncheck "OPI Active"

13. Click the JDF selection.
uncheck "Output JDF"

hit OK

in the Output Styles window: hit Save


1. Go to the File Menu, go to the Export option and select the "Layout as PDF" option.

Select "magazine" as your PDF Style menu. Name your PDF.

VERY IMPORTANT: Name your file using the following convention:

1. page number proceeded by 3 zeros for numbers less than 10 and 2 zeros 10 and above.
2. magazine name's two letter abbreviation
3. month and year
4. at the end

examples using Your Magazine as the title:
page one (cover): 0001_YMOct04.pdf
page nine: 0009_YMOct04.pdf
page fifteen: 0015_YMOct04.pdf
page thirty eight: 0038_YMOct04.pdf

3. then hit save. The pdf file will be written to your hard drive. Repeat until every page is written.