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Magazine Newsstand Distribution

With more choices on the newsstands than ever before, consumers have become more selective in their reading patterns. In the past, certain small specialty publications could not have been considered for newsstand space, but with the growth of technology and the opening of worldwide trade of distribution services many smaller niche titles are now well accepted on the newsstand with initial draws starting at 5,000. Ever sensitive to your needs, small publishers now have the flexibility to build a newsstand program at a pace concurrent with a particular budget and growth plan.

Your magazine will be assigned a special circulation team that will represent the magazine utilizing every viable wholesaler, specialty wholesaler, and direct distributor available. Selecting from a broad network, our circulation service is able to provide targeted marketing and distribution services geared to the individual needs of each magazine. With a reputation and working relationship with the major magazine wholesale and retail companies, this can provide a fast track for a magazine acceptance to newsstand systems without all the red tape, time delays and start-up fees associated with many of the major category firms. The service also delivers timely consolidated reports and sell-thru payments.

This program will provide a progressive newsstand distribution and marketing means for quality magazine titles. Currently we accept, on a limited basis, individual magazine titles for service to the USA and other worldwide newsstands distribution. We do so for magazines that have a history of publication or high quality new magazine launches. Each title is reviewed on several different criteria.

Our commitment is to provide the best service, strategy and advice for all aspects of your magazine business.

For a review of your title send 3-5 samples of your magazine to:

Profiles Marketing Group
Attn: Mike Werner
3700 Eagle Rock Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

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