Mailing List Submission Guidelines

The following are specifications required for Mailing Services to process our clients submitted disks. Mail data files may be submitted via e-mail or mailed on a CD/DVD.

Comma Delimited ASCII format

The records should be in a comma delimited-ASCII format. A double quote can be used as the delimiter.


“Joseph Smith”, “Acme Chemicals Inc.”, “241 Yellow Brick Road”, “Quincy”, “FL”, “32351”

When there isn’t information in a particular field, that field is to be left blank and should be submitted as following:

“Joseph Smith”, “”, “241 Yellow Brick Road”, “Quincy”, “FL”, “32351”

Excel Format

The second submission method is to put the information into individual fields when using EXCEL. You will not need the double quote delimiter. Make sure to leave the space blank whenever information is not submitted in any particular field.


Add 1
Add 2
Sheri Hill
1066 Broadway
Suite 3
Sheri Hill

7777 Farmer Creek Rd

San Francisco

If you choose this format a Field Layout for each file submitted is required to correctly identify the data received. This layout can be in the header of each column in EXCEL or listed on a separate instruction sheet.

A lable layout for each file submitted is required to correctly identify which fields in the file are to be used in construction of the address label. There are 4 lines of print available for construction of a 3 or 4-up Cheshire one inch printed label and 8 lines available for an 1 _” height label. There are 6 lines of print available if the address is to be applied by inkjet.

The following is a sample of a label layout for either Cheshire or Inkjet labels with 30 characters available per line:

Line 1: Customer Info Line (Order #, Customer #, Expiration Date, etc…)

Line 2: Full Name (Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Suffix, Title, etc…)

Line 3: Company Name

Line 4: Delivery Address

Line 5: City, State, ZIP Code

If an ACS Participation Code is to be used, the postal assigned account number is to be given and noted for placement in the Optional Endorsement Line when the mail disk is submitted.

If the Mail is a Periodicals class mailing and is to be polybagged with other onserts, these onserts must be approved through the Postal Mailing Requirements Office as either a “Ride-A-Long” or a “Supplement to ____” and meet all postal regulations relating to either classification. The correct identification must be given when the mail disk is submitted to correctly process and print the mailing address label.


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