Magazine Barcodes

Most (if not all) newsstands and large retailers require a barcode for magazine that uses the bipad system. This code is what their computers use to look up the price, record sales, inventory, etc. for a magazine. They will not accept the title without one.

There are two steps required for getting your code:

  1. You must first get bipad number.
  2. Then you can get a bar code created that represents that number.

Magazine Title & Issue Coding is handled by the firm:

Harrington Associates
PO Box 1332
Charlestown, RI 02813
Fax 508-819-4926

For detailed information on obtaining a magazine bipad number visit their website at

Bar Code Printouts

Once you have an assigned Bipad number or you have a ISSN number,’s bar coding software can output your magazine bar code and email it to you for placement on your magazine’s cover.

Now that you have your barcode, consider using to print your magazine. Click here to receive a personalized quote.