Digital Back Issues

Is your magazine archives full of old content that is not generating your company any income?

Now with Profiles Marketing Group’s modern software and digital delivery site: your back issues can begin to generate income with no effort or overhead. Our team makes things easy. Using your magazine’s PDF files we can set up and deliver your back issues digitally in an automated and instant process. All we need from you is the files… the ones you already send to your printer. From these digital back issues we set up a shopping cart and simply deliver them to the buyer sending you a monthly check from what sells.

Now your old content can be conveniently ordered and received by your customer 24-7. is our fulfillment side developed to assist small and mid-level publishers with their subscription and delivery needs.

To get your magazine included call us at 865.690.0522 or by all means use any of our On-Line Interactive Request services.