The Print Process Made Easy

Changing print firms or selecting a new press for a magazine or any publication can be a major decision. A professional sales and customer service center can mean quick answers, and provide a comforting introduction to the services and requirements from the potential Magazine Plants you are considering. At Magazine Agency we have developed a division dedicated solely to serving the printing needs of Magazines and Catalogs. Magazine Publisher has become a recognized brand leader in the field of magazine printing.

To help understand the magazine job flow from introduction to delivery – Magazine Publisher has compiled this Print Process Made Easy overview:

The Print Process:

  1. The Introduction/Get a Cost Quote
  2. Selecting a Firm & Setting a Target Print Date
  3. Personal Plant Print Rep. Assigned
  4. Preparing & Submitting Digital Files
  5. Approve Digtial Color Proofs
  6. Personal Customer Service Rep. Assigned
  7. Print
  8. Mail/Ship

1. Magazine Printing Costs:

To begin the print process an introduction or inquiry needs to take place. You have begun the process by visiting and touring this web site.

Magazine Publisher offers a quick and simple on-line form for a publisher to discretely request initial pricing for a Magazine title. As well as the automated on-line introduction form, Magazine Publisher offers an 800 number (800-487-3333) for one-on-one magazine servicing and questions. A new business sales representative can begin the process of offering the best solutions to your magazine needs.

If you currently publish an existing magazine it would be additionally helpful to send our offices the last issue you printed. A sample will give our staff an idea of the kind of title your currently producing – even if your planning to upgrade. Our staff is eager to make suggestions or recommendations that can be helpful to your title and to get the best configuration to optimize pricing for a magazine printing press.

Magazine Publisher will provide you the initial cost quotes for your magazine title. The prices are generally returned to you via e-mail. You will be provided a new business sales reps’ personal e-mail and phone extension for future questions or clarifications.

2. Selecting a Firm

Whether you publish an existing magazine/catalog or starting a new title Magazine Publisher can provide a variety of creative and production alternatives.

Magazine Publisher understands one of the most important decisions made by a publisher is selecting their printing partner.

Many publishers receive cost quotes from a variety of firms – comparing the numbers and services can sometimes be tricky and confusing. Some ‘printers’ try to print everything from business cards, to napkins, and even multi-page magazines.

To meet the specialized needs of magazine printing, Magazine Publisher has designated plants and personnel designed to specifically service the short and medium run heat set Magazine market.

Factors that drive every magazine title:

  • TIME: With deadlines, print schedules, and advertisers late submissions – days cut off the finishing cycle can make a great final impact.
  • MONEY: Every dollar saved on pre-press, printing, and mailing is profit in your corporate account.
  • QUALITY: Magazine Publisher offers quality Newsstand style (Heat set web) magazine print options.

Further, Magazine Publisher understand that printing a quality publication is only part of the process. Timely distribution is equally important.

Being a leading publication printer we are proud to send product samples of magazines we have printed and the impressive plant facilities are always open for potential publishers to tour. It can be comforting selecting a printer that knows magazines and provides hands on customer service. There can be a lot to consider when selecting your printing partner other than just cost. You have a lot invested in the final results.

3. Plant Print Rep Assignment

Once you have finalized your magazine specs, set a target publishing date, and decided to use Magazine Publisher as your printing partner, your New Business Sales Representative will assign your account to a Print Representative from the plant your job will be printed in. Your assigned Print Rep will contact or visit you introducing themselves and give you an overview of the press facilities. Your Plant Print Rep will become a valuable contact. They will review your print proposal, can suggest options, work with setting up your payment terms, and in time visit you regularly. The Print Rep will become your one-on-one permanent sales contact and can service all your publication needs as your title evolves.

4. Preparing & Submitting your Digital Files for Print

Once you have finalized your printing specs it is time to prepare your magazine files for print. This is critical factor in preparing a quality digital file that is in hi-resolution format that will deliver a quality magazine publication.

Magazine Publisher has posted in detail on-line the best ways to set up magazine print files and many of the pitfalls that can make files corrupt or unusable. Our digital center can also provide answers and services to magazine or graphic personal that have questions.

It is recommended that you are clear on the files preparation before you build your magazine layout which can avoid any possible delays in print file submission.

Even if you have already mastered hi-res digital file preparation Magazine Publisher encourages seasoned publishers to send test file pages for our staff to review and approve or offer suggestions. The major magazine design programs generally submitted in magazine layouts are:

  • Quark Xpress
  • Adobe In-Design
  • Hi-Res PDF’s

Magazine Publisher likes to have pages submitted in single page layouts. Your files are remitted to our Tennessee digital center on CD along with page print outs (black and white lasers are fine). Magazine Publisher will let publishers who have printed past issues with proper postscripted files or a history of preparing proper source files post future issue files via FTP or direct upload to our prepress system.

5. Approve Color Proofs

Once your digital files have arrived, our staff will flight check, postscript, paginate, and allow you approve your files on-line at your convenience. Keep in mind changes made after this stage could result in additional charges from the digital department. We highly recommend that your job is thoroughly proofed before ever submitting initial files for print.

6. Customer Service Rep Assigned

Once your magazine job is in the plant to print, your Print Representative will assign your account a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Your CSR is located and works daily in the plant. Your CSR will track and service your publication from the arrival of digital files through the print and bindery cycle preparing all the final shipping and mailing documents for your magazine. The CSR is always available to coordinate and schedule every aspect of your title and is your eyes and ears as each magazine flows through the printing plant.

7. Print

After you and your CRS have talked, it is time to print. Magazine Publisher’s technical expertise and commitment to innovation ensures your access to the latest technologies in magazine production and printing. High speed, full web color offset presses produce your title on printing systems that expand publications flexibility and deliver quality finished magazine titles often amazingly fast.

8. Mail/Ship

Magazine Publisher understands that producing a quality publication is only part of the process. Timely distribution is equally important. Your CSR will oversee all the final distribution requirements of your magazine to reach its end destinations. We offer in-house labeling and mailing that takes advantage of the best postal rates to service your subscribers. For bulk shipments, we offer a variety of delivery options to meet your newsstand or shipment requirements.

From an outside perspective it seems like an unimaginable amount of effort and preparation to get a magazine printed and into the market. The whole print process generally takes less than ten working days from file submission to delivery. It can be reassuring to work with a recognized magazine printing facility and professionals that provide hands on support every step of the way. You can find more detailed information herein on all of the services our magazine group offers. At any time you can talk to a New Business Sales Representative at 1-865-690-0522 or by all means begin your introduction with the use of any of our On-Line Interactive Request services.